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The Mind Body Harmonizer


The mind body harmonizer may be used for relaxation and help relieve conditions of stress.

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The mind body harmonizer may also assist with Meditation and even with Lucid Dreaming.

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The mind body harmonizer helps increase focus & concentration, attention and mindfulness.

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The Mind Body Harmonizer

Brain Electrotherapy Stimulation (BES), is used in this small, portable electronic device that creates a safe, non-invasive signal that, when attached directly to the earlobes, sends a weak electric waveform to the brain that helps induce a state of relaxation & stress relief. It also helps to improve concentration, reduces Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, helps with learning and it can assist meditation.

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What Customers Say

  • I am experiencing positive effects and am totally delighted with my purchase. Helps with sleep, concentration, memory etc.
  • I want you to know that I am pleased with the Harmonizer. I’m coming to the end of my two-week period of using it twice a day. So far I’ve just been using the Standard 40 hertz frequency. I haven’t yet explored the other two. I would say that the greatest benefit so far has been not getting into a negative state that hangs on for hours or days. There must be more firing of the synapses and I now have help in dealing with stress, without all the complexity of trial and error as well as the side effects from medication.
  • I am very thankful I found this device, I feel completely flipped from how I was two weeks ago. From not wanting to get out of bed to happy, healthy and back to my old hobbies. Thank you for this bringing this technology to Canada, I hope others find it as helpful as I have.
  • I use your Mind Body Harmonizer daily with numerous clients. I believe pairing anxiety provoking thoughts and memories with the more relaxed physiology that the device produces, enhances the therapeutic efficacy of our sessions. Several clients have purchased a unit for home use between sessions. I have purchased a few other types of similar units in the past and this is the best quality product at a good price. The multiple settings are also a plus. With the meditative setting seeming the most desirable.
    Larry Hall, MA Psychologist
  • I have been able to strengthen my meditation practice through using the Harmonizer, which is why I go it.  I had been using a standard CES I ordered through the Swingle Clinic in Vancouver several years ago for general relaxation, and I was satisfied with it for that purpose.  But of its 2 settings, neither one helped with  meditation as the Harmonizer has done.  For this reason, I am glad I got the Harmonizer and consider it money well spent!